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“You do not need to know everything. You only need to know where to find everything.” Precisely because of this challenge, companies are under threat of becoming incapacitated by the growing flood of information. What good is knowledge and information if company employees can’t find it? Companies need enterprise search solutions that can help employees pull the maximum out of the collected corporate knowledge. With professional enterprise search solution software, business knowledge can be used wisely and effectively. Employees, who themselves use professional search tools for help; know that it saves time and money.

Large companies = many employees = a great deal of knowledge

Whether your company is a large and global, or small or medium-sized (SME), if your aim is to make a profit, you must ensure that your employees always have access to the important information and files they need. The larger your company and the more people you employ, the more complex and extensive the information you need to manage.
A recent study by the University of Applied Sciences Berlin concluded that employees spend about 25%(!) of their working day on the search and retrieval of information. The authors of the study calculated the cost of recovering a single document at €1.911. When you take into account the number of documents recovered annually by employees within a company, this amounts to a significant expense.

Enterprise Search with Lookeen® Server

If your employees create local index structures on their desktop that aren’t shared or searchable by other clients, this can quickly lead to work being done twice. With Lookeen Server, you centralize the knowledge within your company in a central index and each employee can access all of the files directly from the browser client, rather than having to search through folder indices on individual computers.
Lookeen Server Enterprise Search is specifically designed to be used on the enterprise server extension of Lookeen Client, allowing you to find files, emails, contacts, appointments and tasks quickly and effectively no matter where they are located on the network system. Security, performance and ease of use are our primary goals.

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