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A great team: Lookeen® Server & Lookeen Client

Only with Lookeen Client and Lookeen Server together, can you reap the full benefits of a professional enterprise search solution for your company. The Lookeen Server is used for processing, indexing, search and as an interface for the Lookeen Client. The Lookeen Server serves only your IT admin – with full control over access rights and user management. Your employees can access search returns, via Outlook, from the centrally integrated Lookeen Client search capabilities of your new enterprise search solution. Please find the official homepage of our Lookeen Client here:

The Lookeen Client – even from the little ones the big picture is visible.

The Lookeen Client is a Microsoft Outlook add-on, which is set up for each employee at his or her workplace. In the Standard Edition of the Lookeen Client, which is specifically designed for home use, a local index is created where the user can store his or her own data and emails. With this index the user is able to search their documents and e-mails in a very time-efficient manner, and thus maintain a complete picture of his or her inbox. These local indices are usually problematic for large corporations and SMEs, where file sharing is crucial. Each employee working on his or her own documents, emails, etc. without being able to see the big picture. At worst, he is burdened by unnecessary overtime, while using more system resources and corporate network capacity. Documents might be created from scratch when there are already templates available, or lengthy searches conducted, for information that could easily be found on the corporate network. On the other hand, each employee creating a separate local index generates a lot of network traffic. With the Lookeen Server you can easily save your employees this duplicated work and any additional work searching for existing documents.

The Lookeen server brings all of your employees throughout the company to the same point

With the Lookeen Server one or more key indexes can be set up on a central server, where the SSL encryption allows direct access via the Lookeen Client. The Lookeen Server is centrally hosted on the corporate network and provides full control over the functions of the Lookeen Clients using the Windows Group Policy. Maximum security is ensured by embedding the Windows Active Directory, native hosting and SSL and internal encryption.

The Lookeen Server is easily accessible to each of your employees at his or her work place through the Lookeen Client. Your employees can search, within their access rights, with the Lookeen Client both the company-wide, central indices and their own unique local indexes. Via the built-in Lookeen Client search box in Microsoft Outlook, your employees can search e-mails, documents, appointments, attachments, and other files that are stored throughout the company in indexed mailboxes and folders. The search results are then clearly displayed in the familiar look of the Microsoft Office user interface.

Free, no obligation test version

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