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Enterprise search and access to knowledge through
a single enterprise search solution

Companies can no longer do without a highly functional and reliable IT infrastructure. The Lookeen® Server is a sophisticated Enterprise Search software for companies that need total control of, and accessibility to, their data, around-the-clock. Lookeen Server’s search technology guarantees that answers, information and files within your company are always up-to-date and searchable by all employees. Make the most of the knowledge within your organization with Lookeen Server!

The best search solution for your business

As businesses expand, so too do their IT systems, with the result that files end up scattered throughout the enterprise network. In the worst-case scenario, these files are saved in various formats across different locations such as Exchange, Citrix, and Terminal server or file servers.
Only the use of professional enterprise search software allows employees to find data in server and folder management structures quickly and easily! Lookeen Server Enterprise Search brings together all the pieces of the puzzle in one location: a central index. This means that up-to-date information and corporate knowledge can be accessed quickly and easily by all employees, at any time.

The central index reduces network traffic and the use of system capacity, saves CPU and memory resources for each user, and saves valuable time by shortening search times.

Total centralized control, maximum security

Lookeen Enterprise Search Server is suitable for large application environments with a variety of data sources and scattered documents, emails and information on Exchange, Windows, Citrix, Terminal, and file servers. It indexes all of the dispersed files and folders and creates a single, central company index. This index is searchable enterprise-wide by each employee within their user rights. For this, the employee uses Lookeen Client, which is integrated with Microsoft® Outlook, from his or her workstation. Lookeen Client helps develop the powerful capabilities of Lookeen Server. The Server is hosted on the company’s central network, where it manages all clients. Lookeen is centrally controlled by the use of Windows Group Policies.

Maximum safety of sensitive corporate data is ensured by embedding the Windows native Active Directory, native hosting with SSL and internal encryption.


Three components for a unified business solution
The Lookeen Server consists of three related system components:

Lookeen Server Indexer Service

The Lookeen Server Indexer Service (LSIS) indexes Exchange Server based Public Folders, mailboxes and local files – always taking into account the individual user access rights – and stores all the information in a single centralized index. Real-time indexing ensures that both file changes as well as changes in the user rights take immediate effect.

Lookeen Server Gateway

The Lookeen Server Gateway (LSGW) is a .Net 4.0 web application that acts as an interface to the Lookeen Client. The LSGW processes the incoming queries from the individual employees, scans the relevant index for matching results, and returns those results to the user.

Lookeen Server Management Console

The Lookeen Server Management Console (LSMC) is the central control point of the server side IT admins. The management console allows you to run tests and control all central server settings.

The Lookeen Server is IT Admin Friendly

With the Lookeen Server, admins have the ability to control resources. The server supports multi processes, so that admins have full control over system resources. If admins want fast indexing, the processes are there if they need them. They can also scale down processes to accommodate any infrastructure and help conserve resources. Lookeen Server allows a full range of processes to give admins the ability to optimize any infrastructure.

Ready to use in a few hours

Installation and operation requires neither expensive in-house consultants nor a long training period. In a few clicks, In a few clicks, the three Lookeen Server components (the Lookeen Server Gateway, the Lookeen Server Indexer Service and the Lookeen Server Management Console) can be set up on the server. The rollout to Lookeen Clients is handled by using the centrally controlled Windows Group Policy. After configuring and testing the Lookeen Server, the Lookeen Server Indexer automatically indexes all of its allocated network resources. Indexing can take a certain amount of time, depending on your data volume, but during this phase you can start to execute the first search queries. With real-time indexing, new incoming emails will be automatically available for searching. For more information, please contact our Lookeen Server Team.

Free, no obligation test version

Do you need more information to know if Lookeen Server is right for your business? Our Lookeen Server Team would be more than happy to help answer your questions for free and without obligation!