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Comprehensive range of functions for individual business needs

Enterprise Search

  • Indexing of: emails, attachments, documents, calendars, tasks, My Documents, PDFs, Exchange folders and more
  • Compatible with Windows Servers, Citrix and Terminal Server systems
  • Easily accessible via the built-in Microsoft Outlook® Lookeen Client
  • Integrated ‘Quick Preview’ with highlighting feature

Maximum Security

  • Compatible with Windows Access Rights (Active Directory)
  • SSL and internal encryption
  • Internal hosting

Full Control

  • Central control console
  • Integration of existing Active Directory
  • Full control over both the client and the server using Windows Group Policy Management

Maximum Performance

  • Scalable, parallel indexing for maximum indexing speed
  • Time-controlled or fully automatic indexing as needed
  • Efficient use of corporate and Exchange servers, as well as network resources

Direct Commitment

  • Full installation of the server from the box in less than half a day
  • Centralized rollout
  • … and many more

    Free, no obligation test version

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