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30.000 companies worldwide trust in the Lookeen® technologies.

Thousands of customers are using the Lookeen® Client every day. Lookeen makes their working day more efficient and more successful.
Lookeen Client has already received several awards from the media:

“If you are a heavy email user, you’ll need a more powerful email search tool. Lookeen can dig amidst 100 GB of data without loss in performance.”

Saikat Basu,, April 2012

“The big advantage of this Add-In is the enormous speed while searching for keywords. With Lookeen, it is not “searching”, it is “finding”!”, March 2012

“Your software “Lookeen” is a great software.”

Partricia Chiao,, September 2011

“Lookeen – an additional management tool for previewing, moving, and deleting.”

Susan Harkins,, May 2011

“Lookeen has taken indexing and searching Outlook a step further by putting options in the hands of the users and adding very useful tools that can increase productivity.”

Francine Otterson,, March 2011

“If your business hinges on Outlook, with years of mission-critical e-mails, hundreds of important contacts, and more appointments than you can remember, Lookeen can make your life much easier.”

Lincoln Spector,, Januar 2011

“Our Rating: Excellent!”

Snapfiles,, December 2010

“With Lookeen, you can find the emails you want, when you need them.”

Steve Gibson,, September 2010

“Speeds up your search for E-Mails”

Softpedia,, September 2010

“We consider Lookeen an important add-in since it provides the very best way to find out what you’re looking for in Outlook.”

Usman Javaid,, June 2010

“However, if you receive countless number of emails, the cost is minimal considering the amount of time you can save searching for important emails.”

Diana Huggins,, June 2010

“Lookeen is a powerful “local email search engine”.”

Sanix,, June 2010

“Lookeen for Outlook Search”

Stephen E. Arnold,, April 2010

“Lookeen finds everything fast in Outlook – no matter the account, folder, file or file type (from email to meeting to attachment).”

Heinz Tschabitscher,, April 2010

“Group Policies – the administrator’s favorite tool – also within the network of a big company, the Outlook-search Lookeen can be distributed easily to all employees via Lookeen-GPO. Lookeen increases the productivity of the employees in a verifiable way and this is essential today – in a work environment which constantly becomes more and more complex.”

Martin Stolz,, January 2010

“Power up Outlook with faster searches and better organization.”

Preston Gralla,, December 2009

“From what I can tell after a few days of playing with it Lookeen seems to be a pretty good addition to my life inside of Outlook and worth a try for anyone who hasn’t yet figured out how to manage those hundreds of emails you get and send every day.”

Jeff Bishop,, July 2009

“All in all I have been a happy user of Lookeen and also found the support to be quick to respond to my questions.”

JBT World,, June 2009

“This add-in for Outlook 2003 and 2007 performs lightning-fast searches, and offers several tools for managing and finding e-mail.”

Preston Gralla,, September 2008

“This is kind of like having Google sitting on top of your email.”

Ryan Underwood,, August 2008

“Lookeen offers a new way for Outlook users to search.”

Anthony Ha,, June 2008

“The searches it runs are extremely fast, and it imposes no detectable burden on the computer’s overall speed. “

James Fallows,, May 2008

“I have used the Lookeen add-on for Outlook for less than a week, but it has already paid for itself.”

Bill Vilberg,, May 2008

“It is very fast, and offers a nice feature that Lookout never did: it display results in a tabbed window, so you can view results by their item type.I haven’t tried any complex searches, but my early results are very positive.”

Scott,, Oktober 2007

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