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Professional Enterprise
Search for your company:
The Lookeen Server®

Lookeen server indexes emails, attachments,
images, documents, and all major file types,
helping you find important data on
Exchange servers and the corporate network
in record time!

Die Sicherheit geht vor

Ihre Daten bleiben bei Ihnen. Der zentrale und ver-
schlüsselte Index des Lookeen Servers liegt physikalisch
auf Ihrem Netzwerk. Das Gateway sorgt dafür, dass nur
Berechtigte Zugang bekommen.

Seamlessly integrated:
Lookeen Server® is
desktop, email and enter-
prise search in one

Lookeen® Client is an add-on that integrates directly
into Microsoft Outlook. The familiar user interface
makes using the search function effortless
from the beginning.

More than 20,000
companies around the
world use the benefits
of Lookeen

From Andorra to Cyprus, from small law firms to
multinational corporations:
using our professional enterprise search solution
gives companies a competitive advantage.

Saving you time straight
away, installation of
Lookeen Server® is very

Installation and operation in one hour, without the need
for external consultation or additional hardware.